Futuristics Machine is ISO 9001 in San Diego

Say what you do, do what you say.  But what if what you say is not what is expected?  Parts to specification is one piece of the experience.  We endeavor for you to see our quality not only in the components we produce, but in the experience of dealing with our people from engagement for design for manufacture to delivery and invoicing. 

Quality in every process, every time.




Many companies use CNC to machine components.  We have made components for some of the same companies for over 30 years and they will tell you that CNC is not the only factor in precision fit.  Custom tooling & jigs, attention to detail with finishing and an attitude of all contribute to reliable precision.

Precision or nothing.




OCTOBER , 2020

ISO 9001:2015

Futuristics Machine achieved ISO9001 certification.  We have made quality parts for years, now we can prove we have repeatable business process and continuous improvement.





from concept to reality

CNC Machining & Welding​

January 22, 2017

Website goes live!

Living digitally has been Futuristics mantra through our digital CNC mills and lathes.  Now we are letting the world know!

March , 2020

FRC Team 5137 - Iron Kodiaks

Futuristics Machine congratulates the Iron Kodiaks on a successful robotics season competing in San Diego.   We are proud to be a sponsor.

Futuristics brings over three decades of expertise to your project. Capable of machining metals or plastics and delivering assemblies, every part is 100% quality-guaranteed to meet your precise specifications. We work meticulously with your design engineers to design and re-design your product to reduce costs and ease of manufacturing.

We focus on on-time deliveries with a superior level of customer service to be San Diego's premier CNC machine shop.


JIT based on blanket orders, Kanban and e-Kanban based on demand or VMI where you can let us take care of your inventory.  Working with your engineers to flesh out a new design or optimize for cost brings value before the first chip is cut.

Services you can expect. Service your people will enjoy.